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The Xcalibur diffractometer
The Xcalibur diffractometer

Services offered by the platform

The X-ray platform provides access to several material research, single crystal and powder X-ray diffractometers. After training by the XR D-MATL staff most of the instruments can be used in self-service mode, but service measurements by the platform staff are also offered.

Crystallography related databases are made available as local installations or via Web interfaces.

Support is given for the preparation of synchrotron or neutron diffraction beam times. In special cases proposal-free quick access to the Swiss-Norwegian Beamlines (SNBL) at ESRF in Grenoble can be arranged.

Requests for help with data evaluation, publication writing or general crystallographic consultancy are welcome.

The X-ray platform services are offered to D-MATL members. External users within and outside the ETH domain are welcome, but special rules will apply. 

New booking rules

20.05.2016: 4 hour shifts during daytime (9am - 5 pm)  or a full night shift (5pm - 9 am) count as half instrument days. Special rules may apply in the case of over-booked instruments.

Electronic lab locks installed

New electronic locks have been installed for the labs G510, G516 and E541. For getting access to the labs you need to activate your ETH card. Please contact Thomas Weber for further information.

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